Know Your Worth!


 By: Katie Artis Wise

Let’s be honest- sometimes talking about money can be EXTREMELY awkward, regardless of the situation. From working out a new job offer to deciding that you deserve a raise for a job well done, it’s almost as if as a society we’re afraid to ask for what we want. It’s time to change that! Follow these tips below to figure out how to not only get a raise, but to not be afraid to ask for what you think you deserve!

1) Do Your Research

As with anything, knowing exactly what you’re getting yourself into is a crucial part of the process. When trying to determine what your ideal salary should be, it’s important to keep a few key things in mind:

a) What unique skills are you bringing to the role? 

b) What is the standard salary range for this sort of position? Are your requirements within that range?

c) What’s the lowest that you’re willing to accept? Is there any flexibility there? If so, what are the trade offs that you’re willing to take in lieu of more money? (ie: work/life balance, shorter commute, lower taxes, more vacation time, etc)

2) Prove Yourself 

If you’re going to have the conversation about asking for a raise, then you need to be able to back it up by putting in the time and the effort to get your employer to notice what you have to offer. Being diligent and proving that you deserve what you’re asking for can only exemplify your value as an employee.

3) Don’t Settle

Regardless of whether you’re due for a performance evaluation or working out a new job offer, it’s important to understand that most companies want to save money where they can, which means that sometimes they’ll give someone a low offer. If you think you deserve more, then that is the appropriate time to make it known. It might not always work to your benefit (sometimes a company can only offer so much in a starting role with virtually no wiggle room) but if nothing else, perhaps it can offer some insight into how to make it a more feasible option going forward.

4) Don’t Press Your Luck

It’s always best to keep your expectations realistic. It’s perfectly acceptable to lean toward the higher end of the pay scale (especially if you feel it’s well deserved!) but its important to be transparent and not just jump to a bigger salary bracket simply for the sake of it.

5) Get it in Writing

Unfortunately, we live in a world where words hold little weight and documentation is everything. For your own sanity, any offer that is made to you, be sure to get everything in writing to serve as confirmation. (Trust me on this- you’ll be grateful you did!)