5 Types of Workers That Will Ruin a Business

By: Katie Artis Wise

When it comes to small business matters, unfortunately, owners are often tasked with many unpleasant duties, such as firing less than ideal workers. To be clear, no one enjoys telling someone that they’re out of a job, however, sometimes there’s really no way around it- especially when the behaviors of these employees cause your business to suffer! Check out our handy guide to recognizing behaviors in employees that can negatively impact the workplace.

1) Negative Nancy’s 

 Let’s be honest- sometimes a long, hard workday can be tough enough on its own to get through, especially when you’re up against pressing deadlines, irate customers, and any other task that comes your way. When you’re working in close proximity to someone whose opinion is constantly negative and pessimistic, it just makes everything that much more challenging…and draining. Pessimistic people can not only ruin your day, but depending on how small your business may be, they also affect both morale and productivity. When there are only so many employees in a small company to begin with, every positive attitude counts!

2) Mr. I Have an Excuse for Everything

   These types of employees are nothing but a headache. They always find a way to push their assignments onto others and expect everyone else to pick up the slack and oftentimes have a “never try” attitude. Save yourself from the trouble- if it looks like this person has constantly gotten the short end of the stick, sometimes it’s because of their own doing. Obviously everyone and every situation are different, and of course, sometimes people just fall on hard times- but it’s definitely something to take into consideration before bringing this type of employee on board.

3) Liars

This should be “Basic Hiring 101”. Lying in the workplace should not be tolerated! If an employee wants to exaggerate how bad traffic was that it caused them to be 20 minutes late to work, that’s one thing- however, dishonesty about uncompleted tasks, missed deadlines, even progress on projects can break trust. In a small environment, this affects everyone and everything. If something like this happens continually, then it’s time to sever ties.

4) Bullies 

 Sadly, bullying doesn’t end once we leave the middle school playground. Workplace bullies are all too common in any environment, but in a small setting, it just breeds negativity for everyone and hinders productivity. Aggressive personalities are one thing, but it should be understood in any company, big or small- play nice or don’t play at all!

5) The Social Butterfly 

 Everyone enjoys having friendly co-workers. However, there’s a big difference between “friendly” and “I’m going to go into graphic detail about my weekend escapades and not get any work done!” Especially in a smaller sized company, everyone has their specific roles to play- and if the social butterfly is causing you to miss deadlines or affecting everyone’s productivity, then it’s time to part ways.