About Monarch Staffing

Our Story

Monarch Staffing was started in 2001 by Laura Kasper, President & CEO, to give local employers a reliable local staffing agency they can depend on to find the right employee and give local job seekers an avenue to find employment locally with area employers. Monarch’s strength is over the years has been developing and growing our internal staff and recruitment networks throughout the Tri-County & Philadelphia Regions, with a pulse on the local job market, employers staffing needs, hiring trends, recruiting & staffing knowledge and job seeker advice. Monarch has helped hundreds of employers and thousands of job seekers find just the right fit as validated through our Testimonials.  Our Core Values is what drives our mission.

Our mission is to provide flexible, workplace staffing solutions promptly, efficiently and effectively by listening, addressing and satisfying our customer’s staffing needs.

For our employees both internal and external, we are committed to developing and recognizing talent in one another and promoting individual growth and development by providing satisfying and profitable employment opportunities, thus becoming the premier local staffing agency of choice.

So why the name Monarch?

butterflyThe inspiration came from a symbol that means change. As in the Monarch Butterfly. When job seekers are looking for a position they are going through a change and when employers are looking for staff, they too, are going through a change.

In the ever changing landscape of the recruiting and staffing business Monarch continues to grow through relationship building, innovation, technology, and training to provide their clients and candidates with exceptional quality services.