What Our Clients are Saying:

The Temp you sent us had a great day today. I’m impressed with her motivation, & her drive to learn the position. I haven’t seen this characteristic in an employee in a very long time (if at all!). I am hoping she continues to do well. I’m excited to have her join us.
~Monarch Staffing Client

The staff at Monarch have a great attitude and quick responses. They take a personal interest in their clients needs. Phone calls/emails are answered in a timely manner and I don’t always experience that with other agencies that I’ve dealt with.
~Monarch Staffing Client

Your screening of viable candidates seems to produce individuals who possess the skills required to do the work; not just a body who has some of the skills desired or required.
~Monarch Staffing Client


What Our Associates are Saying:

Monarch, I want to thank you, thank you, thank you, for bridging that gap. You helped me find that good fit! I am now permanently employed once again with a great company that offers a promising future and meets all my levels of expectations. I will be referring what I feel are good candidates to an agency that will always remain dear to me:
Making it happen;
Opportunities are there, if you want them;
Never to be disappointed;
Always there to assist;
Recognizes your good talents;
Couldn’t have done it without you; and so
Happy I chose Monarch!!!!!
~Monarch Staffing Associate


I wanted to thank you so much for all the help, advice, encouragement, and assistance that you have given me with today’s interview! I can’t tell you enough how reassuring it has been to have you “in my corner” so to speak and helping me so much. Since I have been out of the work force for a little over a year, I was nervous about the whole interview process and your assistance made me very prepared for this interview and gave me a much needed confidence. Thanks again! I have been and will continue to recommend you and your agency to others!
~Monarch Staffing Associate

I just want to let you know how pleased I am with my current position. My coworkers are so personable and my immediate supervisor is fantastic! I enjoy the variety of duties that I have to perform, especially on the computer. I feel challenged in a good way. It is such a delight to work with this group. Thank you for this awesome assignment! Thank you and thank Monarch Staffing for all you do to keep me working!
~Monarch Staffing Associate