Pre-Employment Services


By outsourcing employment-screening services to Monarch Staffing, You are relieved of many time-consuming tasks, and are better able to devote time and resources elsewhere.

Monarch Staffing provides the following services:

Employers have found that there is a substantial advantage to advising applicants that a professional outside agency conducts the pre-screening.

Skills Testing Evaluations

Take the guesswork out of hiring. A resume can say it all, but what SKILLS does your applicant really have? Assessing your candidate’s software skill level is made easier through Monarch Staffing’s Software Skill Assessment Testing.

  • Customized Testing
  • Testing Done On-site
  • Same Day Results Guaranteed

Modern technology is an integral part of our operations. Our testing software is fully integrated, industry tested and approved. It enables us to provide you with fast, quality employee skill matches.

Testing Includes:

  • All Major Microsoft Office Software: Basic/Intermediate/Advanced
  • Accounting, Technical, Medical Terminology & Technical Skills
  • Office, Clerical, Customer Service, Writing and other Business Skills

Software Skills

Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Power Point, Access, Internet Explorer, etc.

Office Skills

Reception, Typing/Data Entry, Proofreading, Accounting, Call Center, Customer Service (Audio), etc.