Job Seeker Tips

Monarch Staffing wants to help you be successful.  We have put together some valuable resources for job seekers.


The Resume is Your Sales Brochure

The resume is a one to two page summary of your work experience, education and qualifications – the critical first impression of you as a strong candidate for an interview. Your resume is really a sales brochure showcasing and selling your skills and accomplishments. 

What have you MADE, SAVED and/or ACHIEVED. This needs to be articulated in your resume.

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Fold your resume in ½ look at the Top ¼ of your resume! Would you call yourself in for an interview based on what you see now?  If not than read on…

Remember all resumes are read online so the top ¼ of your resume is considered “PRIME REAL ESTATE”. It’s important to engage the hiring manager early and replace “Objective” with “Your 30 Second Commercial”. This summary should be a few sentences showcasing what sets you apart and your accomplishments.  Get the reader “hooked” to call you.

Background Summary: Your 30 Second Commercial

Gone are the days of the “Objective”.  At the top, replace it with a 30 Second Commercial, commonly known as a Background Summary. This summary should be a few sentences showcasing what sets you apart and your accomplishments. 

Click Here for sample 30 second commercial formats and a list of what employers are looking for in a resume.

Spelling and Grammar Count

Don’t undo your good work by submitting a resume with typos or other errors. Even in this age of text messaging, grammar counts. Your resume is your sales brochure so run it through a spell and grammar check.  Read it over a second and third time. If you still don’t trust yourself to catch mistakes, ask someone to review it for you.

You may think it’s harsh to exclude a candidate because she can’t spell, but minor errors matter in a crowded job market. A misspelled word tells a hiring manager that you don’t pay attention to details.

Social Media

This is like a double edge sword, you want to have it, but be very careful of what is out there on it. As a Job Seeker you want to give recruiters & hiring managers a reason to screen you in not to screen you out.

Recommend including Linkedin address on your resume since so many recruiters use this platform. Again be mindful of what is out there and be sure to have a professional profile picture!

Be sure to keep these accounts professional. Set privacy settings.


Be Honest

Most resumes today are checked for accuracy. Even if you don’t get caught in a lie during the application process, you can be let go when it finally catches up with you. Make your life simple and be honest.

Employment Dates

  • Make sure all employment dates & job titles on your resume match up with what is on social media
  • Only list employment “with dates” within the last 10-15 years
  • List prior relevant positions at the bottom of your resume without dates, Job titles / Company Name under the heading “Relevant Prior Experience”
  • Remove High School education date
  • Not necessary to put a College graduation date on your resume if it is over 10-15 years prior
  • Recommend adding a college date if you recently graduated, or went back to school to learn a new skill

Fill in the Gaps on your Resume

Most applicants have had an odd period where they were between jobs. If your gaps were over 1 year, it is recommended to fill in that gap on your resume with what you were doing. For example – Volunteer work, caring for a family member, at home mom/dad, etc…  

Remember if you were an at home mom or dad, be sure to fill in the “Gap Dates” with what you were doing while you were at home with the kids.

If you were Volunteering;  Did you hold any offices, were you in charge of any special events programs? All of this speaks to your skills and abilities, don’t leave that off your resume! It might just be the difference that helps you land the job!

If you’re between jobs right now, think about doing something in your community that relates to what you’d like to do. Not only will you be keeping your skills sharp and building a better resume, you’ll be helping others and making connections with people that might help in your job search.

Tell What You Did and Why It Mattered

When writing your employment history, don’t simply use the job description. Tell the employer not only what you did, but what you accomplished and how it benefited the company. The goal of your resume is to convince a potential employer that your skills and experiences can help them reach their goals. Make sure you don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Use the Made, Saved & Achieved !

Four Quick Tips on How to Write a Cover Letter

If you’re applying for a specific position with Monarch Staffing, a cover letter is not required. In today’s culture, you would only supply a cover letter if asked to do so. Remember these points:

  1. Whenever possible, address the letter directly to a specific person – preferably the person who is making the hiring decision.
  2. Be yourself in the letter, but don’t be cute or overconfident.
  3. A cover letter, if requested, is your foot in the door. Use it to explain how your skills fit the employer’s needs and how you can contribute to the needs of the company.
  4. Read the job opening carefully and address each point within the cover letter.

Click Here for a Sample Cover Letter & Format

The Interview

Prospective employers will ask themselves these questions about you during the interview:

  • Can you do the job?
  • Are you reliable and dependable?
  • Are you flexible?
  • Do you have the skills and qualifications to do the job?
  • Will you fit into the culture of the company?
  • What are your key accomplishments?

Be ready to articulate your abilities and answer these questions in your interview.

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Interviewing: Dress to Impress

You never get a 2nd chance to make a good 1st Impression!

Remember “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have”

Unsure of what to wear to interview with us or a perspective employer?

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