Pick Your Path


By: Katie Artis Wise

With each New Year that passes, it’s not uncommon to think about changing jobs- whether you’re trying to obtain full time employment or launch a new career entirely, it can be a daunting task. Uncertainly is part of the process, and Monarch is here to help! Not sure what sort of career would be the right fit for you? No worries! Answer these questions below to help you determine which path would be the best for you to take. Good luck and Happy New Year! 

1) I enjoy an atmosphere where…

a) Helping people is a main part of the job

b) I can come in, put in my time, and leave. I want to stay behind the scenes!

c) I can work the hours I want, network with people and make some great deals

d) I like having a hand in many different projects, multitasking, and being responsible for many different things

2) My ideal day consists of:

a) If I can turn someone’s day from bad to good, then I feel like I’ve accomplished something

b) Being able to listen to music/TV as I complete my tasks and having as few interruptions as possible

c) Make my own hours, network, seal a few deals and still feel productive

d) Getting as many tasks completed as possible while also managing to control the phones and greet customers- multitasking is my “thing”.

3) I consider myself a “people person”

a) Absolutely! People are the best!

b) Not even a little bit. I work alone.

4) My skillset includes:

a) Listening, attention to detail, positive attitude, problem solving

b) Efficiency, exceptional typing skills, quality as well as quantity

c) Persuasive attitude, getting people to listen, building friendly and social relationships

d) Quick thinking, multitasking, staying focused and attention to detail

5) My communication style is:

a) As transparent as possible- everyone needs to know what I know

b) Why? Who’s asking???

c) I prefer to keep people on a “need to know” basis

d) I have nothing to hide, so I see nothing wrong with being open and honest


MOSTLY A’s: You’re nurturing attitude and helpful nature would be a natural fit for a Customer Service position!

MOSTLY B’s: As someone who prefers to stay quiet and more behind the scenes, consider Data Entry!

MOSTLY C’s: Consider Sales! It takes a certain kind of person to work in this field, but with your bubbly and outgoing nature, chances are you’d be a natural!

MOSTLY D’s: Clearly you like to stay busy and wear many different hats- you’d most likely be great in an Administrative role!

Feel free to check out our Available jobs to see what sort of opportunities Monarch may be able to help you with. Good luck in your job search!