Recruitment Outsourcing

Don't have enough time to read through all of those resumes? Let Monarch Staffing's Certified Staffing Professionals and Recruiters pre-screen, evaluate and coordinate the top candidates for interviews.

Monarch Staffing is equipped to handle the direct hire staffing needs through our Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solutions, we can handle all or part of your direct hire recruitment efforts.

It is not enough just to advertise a role and hire an applicant. We will be constantly sourcing, networking and having bench strength talent ready when a need arises.

Our Experienced Team

Our Certified Staffing Professionals and Recruiters can create highly successful recruitment solutions through RPO.

  • Strategically positioned in the tri-county area
  • Feel confident with a knowledgeable staffing partner
  • Increase fill ratio
  • Reduce costs per hire
  • All candidates are interviewed in person
  • Tested, screened and pre-qualified

Plans to Fit Your Budget

Monarch Staffing offers tailored plans to fit your budget so that you can achieve your company’s desired goals and objectives.

  • Staff special projects
  • Individual departments
  • Specific job categories
  • Entire recruitment efforts