Social Media in the Workplace

By: Katie Artis Wise

At this point, it’s common knowledge that spending too much time on Facebook, Snapchat, Amazon and the like can be detrimental to your job and could even cause you to be terminated. Think about it- as much as we’d like to believe that our privacy is protected online, nothing is anonymous, nor should you think that most bosses are above checking up on your social media usage, especially if you’re missing deadlines and your performance on the job is slipping. According to sites like CareerBuilder, 28% of employers admit to terminating employees for non-work related activities (ie online shopping, checking personal Instagram, Facebook, and other social media accounts too frequently) and an additional 18% of employers have dismissed employees because of something they’ve posted on a social media site during working hours.So, what can you do to avoid falling into one of the above statistics?

1) Be Smart About What You Post-

Don’t post anything that would badmouth your boss, your company, or even another coworker. It can be looked at as a form of harassment.

2) Timing-

Be careful about when you post certain things, especially if your missing deadlines and your boss (or HR department) decides to investigate, it can only mean trouble for you.

3) Don’t Leave a Paper Trail-

If you work for a company that has social media guidelines already set in place, then keeping all social media usage to your personal cellphone might be the most beneficial route you can take in order to keep yourself out of trouble 

4) Keep your Settings Private-

Even still, this one’s a little risky, as there are methods and ways of finding out everything (even the world’s best detectives have got nothing on a nosy HR/Social Media staff!) 

5) Create a Duplicate-

If you really feel the need to post on social media during normal working hours, be sure to keep any and all venting to a different account- one that doesn’t disclose your real name, place of work, or anything else that could be tracked back to you. Keep your work life and your personal life completely separate.