Solutions for Staffing

Having a “JUST IN TIME" staff gives you the flexibility you need to keep your business running smoothly without all of the extra headaches of hiring.

Temporary, Temporary-To-Hire, Direct-Hire Placement

Solutions for StaffingMonarch Staffing provides staffing across many types of industries some of which include; Healthcare, Technology, Utilities, Associations, Non-Profits, Government, Pharmaceuticals, etc.

Whether you are looking for a short or long term staffing solution, Monarch can provide you with the right coverage for a day, week, month or longer. We have the right staff to replace a leave of absence, fill a gap in between the hire, help with a special project or backlog or provide staff for a peak or seasonal change in your business.

Our business is sourcing, recruiting and staffing. Let us get you the right employees when and where you need it so you can concentrate on your core business. We are able to give you the right resource to get the job done without interruption, whether it’s needed in your office or remotely. Leave The Staffing To Us.

  • Certified Staffing Professionals (CSP)
  • Experienced and Dedicated Team
  • Interview Assessment: Tangibles vs. Intangibles
  • No Added Health Care Costs (BIG SAVINGS)
  • Savings of Recruitment Cost and Time Involved In Screening
  • State-of-the-Art Searches and Contact Management
  • Strong Network of Local Recruiting Resources and Social Networking

Temporary-to-Hire (480 Hour Conversion No Fee)

Fill a vacant or newly created position with a temporary-to-hire option. Minimize the risk of hiring by having a first hand chance to see the employee at work without the risk of hiring right away, just based on a short 1 hour interview. Temp-to-Hire is basically a working interview. It is the best way to evaluate an employee on the job, have a chance to see their work ethic, abilities and skills, and if they "FIT" into your department and company culture.

Monarch Staffing offers a discounted Temp-to-Hire transition policy stating that if any temporary employee works for at least 480 hours in any position, you may then hire the temporary employee with no fee and without further hourly obligations.

Temporary-to-Hire Buy-Out

If a decision is made to hire a Monarch Staffing temporary employee prior to meeting the 480 consecutive hour requirement, you may do so according this schedule:

  Hours Worked % of Base Salary
  Prior to 320 Hours 20%
  321 Hours to 479 Hours 15%
  480 Hours or More NO FEE


Eliminate hours of recruiting efforts on the internet.  One call to Monarch Staffing will fill a confidential replacement, newly created, or additional staff need. Monarch Staffing has Enhanced Sourcing Capabilities to deliver you candidates that you might not have access to using normal recruiting techniques.

Using Monarch Staffing to fill a Direct Hire position will save on the cost and time of advertising, sourcing, recruiting, screening and interviewing. Flexible fees to meet your budget.

  • Candidates are pre-screened, tested and referenced checked
  • Candidates are interviewed in person and delivered to you
  • Saves you time on recruiting & screening