Staffing Agencies: Secret Weapon For Finding Work

Let’s be real- looking for a job can sometimes feel like a huge hassle. There’s research involved, managing to sneak away from your current job for a few hours to interview (so what if your boss thinks you need to take your cat to the vet?) and then the anxiety that comes with hoping against hope that you actually get said position, it’s definitely tough out there. But that’s okay, because it doesn’t all have to fall on your shoulders. Did you know that Staffing Agencies offer a multitude of flexible employment options designed to fit your lifestyle? Whether you just need some extra part time income, are trying to get back into the work force or need a career change altogether, we’re your best secret weapon! There seems to be a stigma associated with staffing agencies. It’s not just about getting someone with virtually no experience to come in somewhere for a few days and handle filing or answering phones- it’s all about getting your foot in the door someplace and turning it into something that will afford you the opportunity to not only spice up your resume and help you gain experience, but perhaps start a career that you never expected!

Every employment agency is different, but the main message is the same- we want to help you find work and reach your employment goals. Maybe your resume just needs a tune up. Perhaps you’re trying to “dress” your resume for the job you want, yet you have no real experience in your desired field. Regardless, recruiters can offer valuable insight into playing up your transferable skills and showing employers what you could potentially bring to the table. They can also be useful in presenting your resumes to prospective employers that you may not have had the chance to interview with had you just applied on your own. Hiring managers sift through tons of poorly written cover letters and grammatically incorrect resumes on a daily (sometimes even hourly basis) and they can get burnt out quickly- finding the right candidate isn’t always an easy process on their side, either, and sometimes great candidates can fall through the cracks. Which is where a staffing agency is incredibly helpful- it cuts out the middle man and alleviates all of that pressure that comes along with finding the right employee!

Furthermore, in some cases, recruiters that work for staffing agencies can (and often do) act as agents for you- making sure that you are happy with the places that you’re being sent to interview. One great thing about utilizing a staffing agency is the fact that essentially, you get to be as choosy as you want when thinking about the specifics of what your ideal job should entail- regardless of whether its great benefits, enough money to live comfortably on, better hours or a shorter commute, sometimes when you apply at a place on your own, you don’t realize what you’ve gotten yourself into until you’ve already started the position only to realize it isn’t the fit you were hoping for.  Next time you’re in the market for a new job, consider a staffing agency. You just may surprise yourself!

By: Katie Artis Wise, Monarch Staffing