Women Are Better When Working Together!



Today’s working world presents no shortage of challenges- sometimes it feels like answers are needed before the questions are even asked and it can be difficult to keep up with! Likewise, when it comes to finding good, strong employees to keep your company running smoothly, the search can appear endless before finding the right candidate. Interview after interview, resume after resume … and on top of your other daily responsibilities and commitments, it just seems like there really aren’t enough hours in the day that would allow for finding the right employee…. So let us help you!

Monarch Staffing is a WBE staffing agency that can handle any and all staffing requests you may have! Whether you’re seeking someone for a temporary role or need someone on a more permanent basis, we have hundreds of reliable, solid employees that are ready and willing to come in and be the best of the best! Our team of professionals understands the challenges involved when it comes to filling open jobs and what a task it can be to find that perfect match. We take great care in ensuring that we find the right fit to keep your company running smoothly and efficiently so that you can focus on the important stuff- like running a company!

Women are strong, confident and capable- and when we come together, things only get better. So let us help with finding the right candidates to help you and your company be the best that it can be!